Top 3 SEO Tips for Maximizing your Websites Reach Online

by encorewebplus

  1. Balance is King (Content and Keywords)
  2. Knowing Your Target Audience (Keyword Research)
  3. Using Social Media

Balance is King

When it comes to good Search Engine Optimization practice, it is important to understand that the days of injecting your websites content with as many HOT keywords as possible are gone. Google, Bing and Yahoo ranks are also based on the quality of the content that you have to offer your audience and the amount of attention you have received over social networks and in reputable blog communities. It is important for a small business to offer well written content that is specific enough to reach their target audience without being too wordy or cluttered – think of yourself as being the user of your own website…

As a potential customer, what type of information do you want from the website? What is the most important information to offer? How is your content helping you (the reader)? You can imagine a website that is rich in keywords might have a higher ranking then your own website, but how often do you think their visitors turn into loyal customers?

Knowing Your Target Audience

Keyword research is another important factor in maximizing your websites reach online. There are some really great tools out there too help you scope out which keywords have a low or high competition rate and how many global and local hits that particular search term garners. The Google Keyword Tool will help in performing proper research before you start to optimize your website.

Choosing your keywords wisely will increase the chances of your potential clients finding your website through a search engine. For instance, your company sells Paddle boats to paddle in Fake Lake, Fake City, Canada. Instead of targeting the keywords Paddle Boats, Paddle Boat Services – you would benefit from narrowing your keywords down to more specific terms, such as paddle boats fake lake, or fake lake recreation, or things to do in fake lake. This way you are trying to reach an audience who has a more direct relevance in dealing with your company.

Social Media and Bookmarking

Everyone knows how popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have become. Even if you’re not a user of these websites, chances are you have heard of them through passing or marketing experts mentioning their importance in today’s business market. Setting your small business up with a social media page that is optimized and used to interact and entice your current and potential customers is a good idea. Although it is a slow process in building an audience online, the sooner you make that first step the sooner conversions will happen. Take a look at this infographic done by mediabistro – it shows the impact each social media network has on Google search engine ratings – and the positive benefits of using Social Media in an SEO campaign.